British Kawamura-Ganjavian studio launched a new portable pillow that allows people to either lie on the table, or at the airport or on the train, can be drowsy sleep anywhere. Ostrich pillow inventor from Hampshire, England Gan Ali (Ali Ganjavian), he germination creativity to work tired of suffering, I invented this pillow. He said, "This is a very useful product, one can see that you will not help laughing."

Workers are often at lunch time to take a nap lying on the table, but this will inevitably confused back pain. To solve this problem, clever designers invented a magic sets headrest. After wearing Ostrich pillow, people can nap anywhere, do not have to worry about the neck acid.

This unique Ostrich pillow of headrest shape. There is a hole underneath it for the user into the caps. Front has a hole in the mouth and nose exposed to the user ease breathing. There are two holes at the top edge, if the user wanted to rest lying on the table, you can go into his hand.

The pillow was named "ostrich pillow," inspired by his head buried in the sand like an ostrich in the habit of action. Ostrich pillow in all washable fabric, there are a variety of colors. Its shape like a large hood, almost completely covering the head and neck, exposing only the nose and mouth breathing. It also has two side holes, the user can put his hand into rest, completely cut off from outside interference, resulting in the privacy and comfort of a small space.